putting on the style

We can tell we are near milan. Our room is sleekly and discretely decorated in slate grey and coffee, with a very modern matching bathroom with touches of black.
The mix lou likes of old outside and spanking up to date inside.

We had driven all day in pouring rain and lowering skies. It lulled me to sleep at times but lou stayed sharp, thank goodness.
We joined the autstrada that runs from trieste through to turin. Lou noticed that the road surface tended to be a good one that inhibited spray which was just as well given the number of lorries on it. We arrived in cernesco sul naviglio (say that on a tube of wine gums!) with it still bucketing down. The gps said we had arrived but i had to get out and read the house numbers while lou waited, hazards flashing. We were right on top of the place except it was through an arch in a terraced row of lovely houses.
A very narrow arch. The chauffeur negotiated it with centimetres to spare but denigrated his driving skills as per! We were led down a tiny staircase in the corner of a rustic patio and found ourselves in a very prettily decorated room used for ‘chicken and breakfast’. The young owner quickly did the ‘checkin’!
And showed us where everything was for a do it yourself breakfast as ‘ me and my girlfriend, we work tomorrow’. A keycard works everything so i felt very secure.
The recommended restaurant around the corner was simple but good and the little town old and lovely…with some great clothes shops.
That wonderful italian styling. But they were all shutting, sadly! 🙂

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