fog? what fog?

Well, himself always checks the weather forecast for our next day and destination. The forecast for the milan – geneva leg was ‘brouillard – persistent’. Persistant fog, wonderful, after a day of torrential rain. Not!
But when we went out for breakfast (down in the basement) the sky was blue although there was a nip in the air. And it stayed that way all day. The autoroute around milan was rammed with traffic. The m25, said lou! But after the last turn off for milan centre the road gradually cleared and we had a lovely drive through to the valle d’aoste
and then up to the mont blanc tunnel. We had seen snow on the mountain tops from a fair distance away and mont blanc gleamed as we approached. The valle d’aoste is very craggy with buildings clinging to ledges that look far too small.
At one place there was a hamlet below a rockslide. Bet they can’t get house insurance! Our last border crossing of the trip and into the tunnel. It is well organised and i tried to remain calm as the eleven kilometres slowly passed. On the other side the views of mont blanc were even more spectacular and we parked up to ‘aim and shoot’.
At annemasse lou and i played round and round the roundabout. Despite staying at the campanile there several times, we always manage to miss the slip road! 🙂

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