bled and brollies

Up fairly early to make sure we left the apartment as pristine as possible. A chatty farewell with photos and hugs and we were off northwards again.
It was a lovely sunny day and we enjoyed the ride and the banter.
No problems at the border apart from a sarky young slovenian policeman who seemed to be having a bad day.
We got to bled around four o’clock, in time for a stroll along the lakeside after checking in. Hoards of japanese tourists everywhere taking photos of everything and anything. I heard one of the mute swans hissing and hoped someone didn’t get a nasty memory to take back home.
Many were taking rowing boat rides to the church on the island. I heard and saw fish jumping in the incredibly clear water of the lake.
A nearby fisherman told me they were fishing for black bass, whatever that might be! My mother visited here years ago on her first foreign holiday and i always wanted to come and see it. Ivana had told us it was beautiful and we would love it.
It was beautiful yesterday but soon clouded over. We ate dinner in our guest house which was a tad odd. The waiter cum desk clerk never smiled and looked pained when i asked for the veg from another menu choice. All out of the freezer, we mused. It all tasted a bit indifferent, like the service. I said it felt stuck in the 70s and when the jolly tyrolean style canned music started it only made it worse. I could imagine that polizzi woman off the telly trying to sort them out!  🙂  
But the bed was comfy and i slept well.  Lou said he didn’t but we were happy with the shower albiet a bit snug! We are becoming very critical of the bed/shower combo on this trip. As we got ready for breakfast the japanese were using brollies as they waited to pile into their coaches because it was drizzling. Our first wet day if you don’t count the montenegran downpour!

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