travels with a donkey?

19/8/2015 16.47

well, the best laid plans and all that. the higher we climbed the colder it got. i pitied the family with laden donkey attempting to make it over ‘les cretes’ to le lioran.


at the col de peyrol the car park was heaving and the puy itself shrouded in grey mist. the car temperature guage showed 10 degrees. it has been 35 back in the valley at gagnac lately! we decided to carry on down the other side of puy mary, a valley we hadn’t visited before. it was majestic looking back at mary with a parapentist floating on the thermals.



we stopped for coffee at a pretty buron and shivered into our fleeces.

we carried on, stopping to gawp at the col de serre and taking a circular route around la claux. a swift look at a thunderous and almost hidden cascade, also named serre.

we ate our ham and cheese baguettes watching several parapentists coming in to land.


home via muret, le lioran and the col de pentus with lovely views all along the valley of the jordanne.


a cup of tea, a read in the sun and then a sieste….cos we’re old!! 🙂


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