oh, what a night!

19/8/2015 8.58

our first night under whatever has replaced canvas for the first time in i don’t know how long. i was snug having taken the precaution of wearing my warmest winter jimjams (we are 930 odd metres up or 3,000 feet in old money!) lou was freezing as he went to bed in his usual t shirt and boxers!


however, neither of us slept very well as every joint in my body ached at one point or another. old age? the camp bed? the damp and cold?
the first hour was occupied with the great glasses hunt but they were finally found under lou’s sleeping bag. thank heaven he didn’t break them!
hot mugs of tea and coffee and then breakfast at our very old camping table but perched on our new dinky stools, chez decathlon, to welcome the new and sunnier, we hope, day.

we may be attempting to walk up to the top of puy mary having chickened out every other time we have visited the col du peyrol with or without the fanatical cycling son. we shall see. on y va!

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