camping du puy mary

(no wifi anywhere nearby so playing catch up)
18/8/2015 18.45
hunkered down in the tent on camping du puy mary. a lovely location, shame about the sanitation…
is it only on french country campsites that you still find ‘wc a la turque’?
we got the tent up with a little help from the lad next door whose parents(?) have the same model.


he told us they have had storms this week. we told him one was forecast for 5 o’clock and it arrived a little later, after we had got back from our walk, thankfully.

mandailles is a busy village with useful shops (2) and good restaurants (3) plus a wonderful exhibition centre devoted to the auvergne. we spent a happy halfhour enjoying a film and displays and lou made use of the excellent facilities!
i bought a couple of books, bien sur, one on the auvergne and a guide to french birds. it went into the bag along with the book of local walks purchased from the all purpose tabac/presse/souvenir shop. we’re eating in the ‘end of the world’ (bout de monde) this evening. hope the name isn’t a warning about the cuisine!

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