the last day :(

Wifi packed up in our area of the camp site and despite reassurances from the office that it is working again…it ain’t! So we’re writing our blog bits to post later. After a bit of a tidy up and packing we walked along the boardwalk to calvi. The threatened bad weather hasn’t arrived except for some spectacular clouds out to sea and over the mountains and we hope it stays that way for our last evening.


In calvi we drifted around the souvenir shops, well, I drifted and lou muttered. After beer and cappucino we looked at boards outside restaurants and cafes (there are loads!) and plumped for the one we had eaten in last sunday as we liked the sound of the ‘menu corse’. A table for two, still near the loo but with a better view of the marina, for me this time!


A platter of capaccio of lonzu, a local ham, with sanglier pate and salad, followed by seabream with grilled veg, square chips with aoli and then chestnut cake for me and crème brulee for lou. back to the diet next week! 🙂



a wander to find a bank and some reading matter for the boat tomorrow and a quick pop into the pretty church hemmed in by restaurants in place santa maria. i was surprised by the huge domed ceiling as it can’t be seen from the outside.



A stroll back along the beach from where we saw a ferry leaving…for where, we wondered. then back to the cleaning of the chalet. Nice! 🙂


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