‘home James!’

Up early in a gloriously sunny morning…but cold.  Breakfast in a quiet dining room before checking out. Suitcases in the car plus balloons and bottle of red wine, bien sur.

We were facing the journey south with some trepidation remembering the traffic jams around Antwerp and Breda but despite it being Monday morning we sailed through both places. Traffic was heavy on the north bound carriage way and at a standstill for a long way after Antwerp but we were fine.


Our usual style of journey, coffee stop then a lunch stop followed by a long spell through Paris and out to Orleans. There was snow on the fields and trees as we approached Paris but it soon disappeared as we left the city behind. A quick stop for gasole at Salbris and on to vierzon, our stop for the night.


As we settled into our room a message from the family came through and we had an impromptu video chat with our grandson. He is really beginning to form what sound like words and he delivers them in such a way that you know he knows what he means! Adorable and just what we needed after a long day ‘in the saddle’.

Off to the local gruffalo bill for dinner and the prospect of a ‘short’ drive home tomorrow. Nightie night


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