traipsing around tirana part two

Our sightseeing days are developing a pattern due to the unexpected high temperatures, 31 – 34. We amble about in the morning, stop for coffee, amble some more and then look for somewhere inviting for lunch. The afternoon starts with a little zzz or ‘resting the eyelids’ as lou calls it.
The tirana lunch was koftas (greek influence as well as italian now we’re further south). Lou’s came in a thick tomato sauce and mine with four big chips and salad. We had chosen an orange and olive salad for himself and a mixed vegetable salad for me. Lou had a jar’s worth of olives and my salad would have fed a family of four! My koftas were as big as burgers and there were three of them! You can see we had gone for the light lunch option! ๐Ÿ™‚ so a good zzzz after that.
Towards the evening we decided to head back down the shady walk and on over the river (aka open sewer) down to mother teresa square. I had read about a statue to her which we assumed would be in the square named after her but we never found it. The boulevard down to it was lined with pine trees and several parks where a lot of families relaxed in the cooling air.
We paused to look at the pyramid built as a museum to hoxha but never properly finished. Small boys clambered up its sides and the top bristled with telegraph masts, so some use after all. We passed young buskers and older men and women cooking corn cobs over charcoal which they sold as snacks. Walking back up to the top again we found ourselves in skanderbeg square. We risked life and limb crossing over to the middle so i could take a photo of skanda on his horse!
Crossing again we were in front of another big new building celebrated by the city, the opera, which was showing don giovanni.

Still feeling full from our light lunch we opted to go back to the good little restaurant near our hotel for their delicious homemade soup and maybe a little pasta? ย ๐Ÿ™‚

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2 Responses to traipsing around tirana part two

  1. Vivienne says:

    Many people in North America don’t understand the concept of a nap after lunch during the hottest part of the day, but it certainly becomes essential in the areas of the world in which you are traveling, doesn’t it? Interesting that the street food is grilled corn cobs, by the way. I had forgotten that Mother Teresa was Albanian..did you ever find a monument to her?


  2. Sadly not. We saw corn cobs grilled as street foid when we were in romania but that was on a proper bbq. These were being grilled on baking tins over charcoal inches from the pavement!


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