stepping out…and up! 13th september 2015

The italian influence is everywhere along this side of the adriatic and menus are awash with pizza and pasta dishes. Earlier this evening we decided we couldn’t leave kotor without making the effort to walk along the walls to the church high above the town.
I knew my knees couldn’t cope with the 1355 steps/1200 metres to the fortress on the very top. up to the church is considered halfway, enough to satisfy honour and curiosity!
The views were fabulous, of course, and photographic opportunities many.
All the climbing and negotiating the slippery steps of the descent did wonders for the appetite.
Wandering the alleys and plazas we decided pasta would be good and plumped for fruita de mare with glasses of local cold white wine. We were in front of st tryphon’s cathedral and watched people turn away as they realised they had to pay 2.50 euros to go in. They didn’t know what they were missing! (See an earlier post). Finally the chap shut up shop after one big guided group left. Soon after we were treated to the arrival of several more groups who each stood around their guide looking deeply uninterested in what was being said. At that time of night i’d rather be in a bar and some of them possibly would have preferred it too! Meanwhile, we finished off with ice cream for lou and fresh fruit for me.
Still nursing the delicate tum! tomorrow tirana and albania, assuming the car has wheels!

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3 Responses to stepping out…and up! 13th september 2015

  1. Vivienne says:

    Satisfying your honour can leave those knees in discomfort, I would say…but I know what you mean, having done it myself during our last visit to Europe! Hopefully the fruita de mare did not further unsettle your tummy. Yes, I can imagine the groups of tourists looking bored at that time of the evening, as you say, better to sit at a bar/cafe and watch the world go by! We have never been tour group participants (and I suspect neither have you and Lou). I presume there is some history of car wheels going missing in this area?


  2. We have been part of a group of two when we visited china and it was easier to change the itinerary within reason if we were developing sightseeing overload! πŸ™‚ big groups there all wore the same colour caps. Some of the kotor groups had paper labels on their tops to say which boat they were from….ghastly!


  3. Ps finding your car up on bricks is a well known cliche for leaving your car in a less than salubrious area! πŸ™‚


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