the blue room

After a good half hour of confusing phone calls and driving up and down and round and round, the gps suddenly got his act together and ensured we ‘arrived at your destination’.
It didn’t look very promising but then i got yet another call to say all was well and they were ready to welcome us. We rang the bell and ‘eva’ opened the door.
A gloomy kitchen/living room but with fresh grapes and pots of local jam on the table, then upstairs to our very blue room complete with balcony and a view of the sea.
Eva disappeared and came back with welcome cocktails. Later the owner arrived and apologised for causing the panic, he had been given misinformation by his booking agent, had we had our cocktails? We assured him we had and all was calm. Perhaps we should invent a petit paons cocktail for our clients?  🙂
Our room appears to be one of four, i don’t envy the view of the two rooms onto the street! Dreary back alley would be an apt description but the welcome when it came has been very warm and eva told me there are two good restaurants on the street below reached by steps two doors down.
And i’ve just read they will provide breakfast which we didn’t think was an option. and the wifi works!  Time for a little zzzzzz

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2 Responses to the blue room

  1. Vivienne says:

    Congratulations on finding the room despite the gps acting up! I will never forget searching for my hotel in Marbella, sans gps……one way streets with apparently no names, no place to park to ask directions etc! How lovely to have a view of the sea, and it sounds as if the welcome, when it eventually arrived was sincerely offered. How was the cocktail?


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