flying flamingoes

leaving arles behind us but not before visiting the musee reattu (very interesting) we headed for the carmargue despite the lousy signposting which tried to scupper our endeavours! the hotel had offered to look after our bags until we were ready to go which gave us a chance to revisit the yummy sandwich epicerie for lunch provisions (who needs grotty subway?) and some final postcard and newspaper buying. eventually we found the road we needed and drove through a flat landscape before finding a picnic spot. leaving the road for a dusty and bumpy ‘chemin’ we finally came to the side of an etang and a point du vue after a short stop to snap some white horses in a field. turning round to head south we took an even smaller and bumpier road(?) out to the digue/dyke and stopped when we saw flamingoes across a stretch of water. i snapped quickly while got out, camera in hand. suddenly they all took flight. a magical sight. further along the dyke was closed to allow the flamingoes some privacy so we drove on to toulon. some fun and games doing a dry run to the port which was very frustrating but with the help of the lad in reception and two alram calls we hope to make it to the 7.30 boat tomorrow morning!



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