Here we go again…

Well, the Miers walk around the dolmens is kicked into touch again. First it was a wet Monday that should have been fine, then a dry Friday that was very gloomy, then a glorious Monday but the plumber was coming.. and now confinement again. Not that I’m complaining. The infection figures are terrifying and the hospitals are getting too full. Not just in France but in Spain, Italy and Germany. The UK can’t be far behind. Facebook covid groups have gone into overdrive bringing the news to English speaking expats so, of course, the questions and laments have started.

For people caught between house selling and moving before the end of December Brexit deadline it is one more enormous thing to be worried about. For others whingeing about not being able to go on holiday I am less sympathetic. For anyone who follows the news this has been on the horizon ever since the end of August, one of the reasons we took a break while we could.

Within an hour of Macron’s address to the nation a friend had messaged to say she was ready to drop off anything we needed as she will continue to work and passes the end of our road daily. Macron’s ‘Vive la France’ had been enough to make me feel emotional, her message nearly brought me to tears.

We have to wait until tomorrow to find out which shops will be allowed to stay open and I wonder about the charity one I work in. Our food distribution will have to go on so I assume I can still go in on that afternoon to sort stuff out but it may not be seen as essential work.

The schools are staying open so the streets will be fuller than last time, I imagine, at each end of the day. People were reporting that their local shops were busier than normal but my usual drive order went through for my preferred slot. I shall see tomorrow when I do my regular pick-up if the roads are thronged with shoppers scrabbling for pasta and loo rolls!

Meanwhile, off to bed and try to sleep….

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2 Responses to Here we go again…

  1. JO ROBINSON says:

    OMG it goes on and on. just got a sense of panic when I listened to the news yesterday and felt the urgency of it escalating again.We had planned to go to Cornwall with Sam and Zena for Xmas, but cant even book a train yet- not sure that will even happen. I went on a tube yesterday to my new Art class in Holborn (central London) on the socially distanced tube,, but it got busier towards the end, don’t think I will do that again. It sounds much stricter in France and in Italy because you have to produce papers if you go anywhere- much better . why don’t we have that? Because we are led by donkeys. but looking from the glass half-full view, our book has just been printed by Merlin press and will be delivered today!for me its been 3 years of it so time to celebrate and now to start the work of publicity and getting into bookshops.Phew. call for a brief celebration.Glad to hear you are holding and discovering more of your country All the best JO



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