A day off

When exploring last Sunday we had noticed a large sign advertising their farmers market on Thursday as we drove into Tauves. Another sign by the campsite ‘acceuil’ convinced me it would be interesting to visit, masked of course!

As Wednesday had been our wedding anniversary we had ordered a campsite roast chicken and chips for supper (plus foie gras and bubbles I had brought with us) so had plenty of cold chicken to use up. Some fresh green veg to go with it would be good. Plus I love a market, who doesn’t?

When we arrived there were quite a few cars parked along the sides of the road and their number plates revealed the wide spectrum of departments they had come ftom. Puy de Dome had been a green department when we left home, during this week it had moved to red! We would need to be careful.

I love an old sign and there were several displayed around the buildings in Tauves. But first we wanted to find a boulangerie as there had been a hiccup with the campsite delivery although I wasn’t quite sure why. A fail for my french listening skills!

The boulangerie was right at the end of the market and had some yummy patisserie so we treated ourselves!

another type of sign that intrigues me. A change of use but from what?

Back amongst the stalls I looked for a cheese one. Every walk had taken us past fields of cows and the day before we had stopped while a huge ‘troupeau’ crossed the road. The Auvergne is cheese country! I bought a large piece of creamy St Nectaire…yum. As I took a photo of the mairie I was curious about what appeared to be a collection of objects in the windows but not displayed so as to be seen from outside…a tiny museum?

Himself pointed out that up around the side by the church was the tourist office. Bingo! Not just the tourist office but a super craft shop filled with goodies. I wandered the displays, careful to avoid the few other customers. ‘i’m only the chauffeur’ lurked outside. A few purchases including a practical souvenir and back outside into the sunshine.

There was a bar terrace full of chattering customers. In more normal times we would have happily sat over a beer and cappuccino and watched the world go by. With doom virus upon us we decided that caution would be advisable and would have our drinks back at the campsite bar. With hardly any other campers we feel more comfy there. A stop at a veg stall to buy haricots vert from the grower and we were set.

one more sign!

Back at the campsite we were amused to see a collection of sunbeds drying in the sun. The end of season work was already happening around the empty mobilehomes.

Dumping our shopping we walked down to the bar for those promised drinks and a chat with one half of the campsite owning couple.

over exposed husband!

Lunch on our terrace and then a lazy afternoon. Happily I could have another swim in the heated pool after being frustrated the day before due to a sudden rainstorm that blew in, luckily, after we got back from our walk.

….followed by that patisserie from Tauves.

Before our supper of left over foie gras, followed by cold chicken and haricots, we watched our neighbours playing boule…very seriously!

That reminds me…stick ours on the list for next time!

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