deja vue

Back in la bourboule again and the aviation hotel. Last time there was loadsa snow on the pistes and the roads.


And it sleeted on us. Not nice. This time, sufficient snow on the pistes, none on the roads but rain and mist everywhere. So today we drove around until  we found a splash of blue sky. That was at st nectaire, a name that conjures smiling farmers wielding large cheeses.


We didn’t see any but saw an enormous church and a cafe/bar opposite where we took some lukewarm coffee. Onwards and chasing the blue took us to clermont ferrand, a town we have passed many times but never visited. Now we have! We parked under the place de jaude, a huge space full of fountains and statues.


there are two big shopping centres at one end of the place where we found lunch and then strolled through the older part of town up to the enormous and very blackened cathedral. Inside the stained glass is beautiful and  i was keen to buy the guide book but couldn’t find the ‘gardien’ in charge of sales.



Back outside lou was window shopping at all the outdoor clothes shops. All very expensive,  bien sur. I contented myself with a needed black cardi from c and a. I have simpler tastes!  🙂

The drive out of clermont required tomtom as signposting was not brill. We should have just headed for the greyest part of the sky! It became wetter and mistier the nearer we got to ‘home’.  No matter, tomorrow’s another day and we’ve booked a cosy restaurant for tonight. Meanwhile, i’m going down for a swim in the hotel’s delightful little pool.

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