on y va

Leaving dubrovnik the road climbs the hillside giving beautiful views down to the old town. We had to stop to capture it.
Blue sea, blue sky, a cruise liner waiting to dock (and fill the old town with tourists!) and bright sunshine to boot. There was a short moment of stunning cliff and seascape before the road turned inland and towards montenegro. The border crossing was quiet despite the warning from milo we would have a fifteen minute wait. The car documents were asked for and our passports stamped with pictures of a car.
Proof we arrived with ours and not bought it while in the country. a succession of small villages and then we were driving alongside the huge inland bay. I pored over the map and told lou we would be driving all around the edge of this until we reached kotor. But computer said no!
At one village the gps suddenly announced ‘turn right and take the ferry’. It took a while for the information to sink in and for me to inspect the map. Taking the ferry would save the long drive…so we took the ferry.

4,50 euros and a slick service, once a large car to our right had been yelled at to move forward so one last vehicle could be squeezed on. We counted at least three other ferries dotted about on the same route so business must be brisk.

Our second ferry of the trip! 🙂


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  1. Any photos of Dubrovnic? You tourists, filling up the old town, lol. I expect they welcome tourists with all their money waiting to buy mememtos (usually made in PRC) of their trip. 🙂


    • Didn’t get as far as dubrovnik old town. Been there, done that. It was a bus ride away and we preferred to recover from the drive on our sunny balcony and the wander down to the nearest restaurant for a seafood platter!


  2. (this is Gwen, by the way)


  3. Vivienne says:

    Lynne, I love your comments about the ‘tourists’! The idea of the passport being stamped with pictures of a car is something new and certainly adds a unique flavour to your passport pages. I love looking back over old passports to see the stamps.

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