b and b hotel and buffalo grill

It was still nearly the witching hour before i got to bed and then i couldn’t sleep. Wheels in brain turning, what have i forgotten????? Himself leapt up at the first warble of the alarm but later reported he hadn’t slept too well either. We both go into auto now as we have done this trip so often exceot for the time that we forgot the passports…oops. anyway, a lovely drive up, sunshine and mostly blue sky. Not much traffic in our direction but lots of campers and caravans going south. coffee stop at limoges, lunch stop when we left the a10 and tea stop at baie de somme, an aire that was full of brit tourists and shreiking french schoolgirls! Onwards to boulogne where the gasole was cheap at leclerc and then the hotel. Bit nippy but we had packed for all eventualities. Big surprise when we went out for dinner. Sea mist had rolled in so we collected our warm coats from the car. Hope it has gone by the morrow!

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