pastures new….

So far we have been driving through familiar territory as we came this way with the camper in 2010.


Not many changes apart from additional bits of motorway that defeated the gps and our five years out of date map. One very noticeable change is the complete absence of people sitting or standing at the entrance to every town and village along the coast road with pieces of cardboard in their hands offering rooms for rent.

It was a sight we had not seen in any other country we had driven through and made us realise that not booking ahead was not a great problem. I’ve been pondering possible reasons for this change; new laws, people better off? But i have decided it must be the internet. Once you have the internet in your home, there are endless possibilities to advertise and save yourself many boring hours beside the road waving your cardboard sign at passing vehicles. may have changed the croatian landscape!

Meanwhile, for us, the landscape will be changing from familiar to utterly new….exciting!  🙂

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  1. Vivienne says:

    Enjoy the new adventure part of your enjoying reading your blogs!


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